About us

Who are we?


Our story began in 2018, in the classroom of the Media School. The creative connection was immediate. We helped each other with school assignments and a valuable friendship developed. We felt that together we could achieve a lot.


One of our assignments at the Media School was to build a website. We started enthusiastically, but also learned to deal with setbacks, such as failed designs: a matter of perseverance. When our site went live, we were incredibly proud. We had created something completely new and beautiful together! We wanted to make a career out of this. Our own company, built on our friendship and our shared passion for designing and building websites.


That’s how we became the proud owners of MyProva. We have gained a lot of experience and continue to grow. We owe all of this to that beginning: two friends who helped each other with school assignments and share a passion for creating beautiful and functional websites.


We continue to grow. Not only physically, but also in content. In this market, you never stop learning. So we always stay up-to-date and ensure that our products, your websites, are completely up-to-date.


Why MyProva?

We are a young team full of ideas. Innovative, creative, and customer-oriented. Your satisfaction is our top priority, of course.


Each site is personal and unique. Do you have a picture in your head? We make sure it becomes a reality. Are you busy with your business operations and would you rather outsource the entire creative thinking process? We are happy to present our ideas and advise you on the possibilities.


Our products are designed and built with attention to detail and the latest technical possibilities. We also offer the possibility to regularly update and maintain the site.


In addition to building and designing your site, we could also take care of the content. We ensure that it fully matches your wishes. The right content and tone are just as important as a beautiful and user-friendly site.


MyProva stands for growth. A professional website is essential for a good image and for the growth of your business.   

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Phone number:    06 – 82040331

Email:     [email protected]

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